Why probiotics?

There are billions of bacteria living in the intestinal tract, often referred to as "microflora." Probiotics are live, “friendly” bacteria in the microflora that work to keep a healthy intestinal balance, reducing the amount of harmful bacteria while replenishing and maintaining beneficial strains. Maintaining this balance is critical for overall good health. 


Why coconut?

We use certified raw organic young Thai coconut meat and water. Young coconut meat is rich in fibre and healthy fats like medium chain fatty acids. Coconut water is high in potassium and is the perfect liquid to blend with young coconut meat to make our house made coconut cream.


How is Yoggu different than other yogurts?

Most conventional yogurts are made from dairy. Yoggu is 100% vegan and we use real plant-based and nutrient dense ingredients. Dairy-free yogurt on the market filled with processed sugar, small counts of probiotics and fillers in order to preserve and stretch out the product shelf life makes for a cheaper and less pure product.


How is Yoggu different from taking a probiotic capsule?

The greatest source of probiotics is from fermented foods such as our dairy-free probiotic coconut yogurt. It is during the fermentation process that the probiotic bacteria become alive and are then given a medium that our body can digest and go to work immediately. Most probiotic pills are freeze dried and become less potent over time. Probiotic pills, once digested causes our body to perform an internal fermentation and our natural stomach acids destroy a large percentage of the bacteria before they are able to reach the gastrointestinal tract. By fermenting the cultures in a slightly acidic environment such as coconuts, they are then better able to withstand the intensity of our stomach acid, allowing for a higher percentage of the probiotic bacteria to then pass into our intestines.


What brand of probiotics do you use in Yoggu?

Genestra brand. 100% vegan, gluten-free and contains proprietary human-sourced strains.


Why is Yoggu so expensive?

We are committed to using zero fillers in our yogurts. We believe that your body should be treated as a temple and should receive the highest quality foods without any compromise in taste. We use medical grade vegan probiotics, and like all supplements, the higher the quality, dosage, and volume, the higher the cost. To reduce our waste foot-print we have also decided to invest in glass jars rather than plastic containers. Lastly, Yoggu does not use any canned coconut in our yogurt and instead we make our own raw and organic coconut cream.


How much Yoggu should I consume in a day?

We recommend eating as much as you like. If you’re new to probiotics, you can start with one scoop a day in order to introduce the good bacteria into your system. From there you can choose to supplement a scoop as your daily dose of probiotics or even enjoy the whole jar. We recommend adding your favourite granola and fruit to Yoggu as an extra treat!


Does Yoggu contain sugar?

Yoggu does not contain any added sugars. There is a small amount of naturally occurring sugars from the coconut water and meat which are fed to the probiotics during fermentation.


Is Yoggu supposed to be tangy and effervescent?

Our yogurts are small-batch fermented with powerful probiotics, which can make them quite tangy and  effervescent. 


My Yoggu just exploded! What does this mean?

Occasionally Yoggu can explode! This does not mean your yogurt has not gone bad — it means your yogurt is really alive! 


How long will Yoggu last in the fridge?

Yoggu is a raw food, and it is important you take steps to ensure a long shelf life. Avoid double-dipping with your spoon, since the bacteria from your mouth can interfere with the good bacteria in the yogurt. With a little TLC, your jar will last for up to two weeks.



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