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Do your ggut
some ggood.

Dairy-Free Coconut
Probiotic Yogurt

Every jar of Yoggu is made with organic young coconuts.

No fillers or preservatives, ever!

We then small-batch ferment, using 100 billion probiotics in every jar! 

The final product is a tangy, lightly effervescent experience that sparkles your taste buds.



About Us

Created by Jade — vegan, passionate plant-based recipe developer and wellness junkie. The Yoggu inspiration came from the need to create a delicious dairy-free yogurt without fillers or preservatives.

Through months of immersing herself into learning the art of fermentation and its correlation to gut health, Jade set out to do just that!

Yoggu is the result - small batches locally made in Vancouver, BC. More than just dairy-free yogurt. Yoggu is designed to nourish your gut and overall wellbeing while pleasing your taste buds. Yoggu is for vegans, the lactose intolerant or anyone wanting a healthy alternative to dairy yogurt. The highest quality ingredients are packed into every jar.





We understand that Yoggu may be new to you, but there's a first time for everything! Please refer to our handy Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our product. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, drop us a line!


Frequently Asked Questions


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Tastes just like yogurt
— @Ketobeautyqueen
I have got to try this! My taste buds are definitely happy I did! That is some real quality yogurt!
— @thismuchistrueoohooh
This is my new obsession
— Desiree Dawson

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