Frequently Asked Questions


Yoggu! is natural product that does not contain any preservatives, artificial colours or stabilizers. Product discolouration is normal and safe to consume! Fun fact: strawberry is a great source of anthocyanin which is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. With all the benefits of anthocyanin, the compound itself is very sensitive and subject to degradation easily. Both oxygen and pH can accelerate the degradation of anthocyanin causing the colour to turn blue and grey.

We have seen this happen with temperature abuse. We strongly recommend refrigerating the product at 4°C.

Please refer to the Best Before date on your cup. Once opened, we suggest consuming within 14 days.

Yes. It can be frozen in small amounts (ice cube tray portions are best! - perfect for smoothies). We don't recommend freezing the whole cup as it will change the texture once thawed.

Not all saturated fats are made the same! Yoggu! is 100% plant-based and contains healthy MCT fats from coconuts.

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